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With more than just their lack of certainty in common, Sam Loy and Clint Greagen unload about the ups and downs of being stay at home parents, detail their various frailties and failures, talk back and forth on many different subjects, and then bring in experts to confuse them even further.
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Jun 14, 2017

Declan Fay is a writer and producer known for Rove Live, Dirty Laundry Live, Ronny Chieng - International Student, and his podcast, The Sweetest Plum. He joins Sam and Clint to discuss his most recent project Ronny Chieng - International Student (ABC iView), the supposed 'lefty-loving-bias' of ABC Radio, political correctness in comedy, podcasting and the lifeline The Sweetest Plum, the pros and cons and perhaps even pointlessness of marriage, and 18 months of crazy-insane sleep deprivation following the birth of his first child.

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May 14, 2017

We welcome funny person Cal Wilson in the JBTP HQ and coincidentally make her do the Cal Wilson Quiz.

Listen as we go from discussing dancing to gender roles within the blink of a bit-rate.

Features the music of RaRa.

May 2, 2017

Is it ever okay to leave your kids inside a car on their own? Are their laws/social expectations that enforce common sense on a tiny minority while heaping unnecessary stress on the majority? Well, yes. There are. Join Sam and Clint as they rebel against society's boom gate!

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Apr 19, 2017

Peter Brukner - doctor for the Australian Cricket Team - joined the podcast this week to be quizzed about his career as a professional sports physician for several national and international organisations including the Melbourne and Collingwood Football Clubs, the Australian Olympic Games team and the Liverpool Soccer Club. We also go in depth into his personal health journey which not only led to a 13 kilogram weight loss but also spurred him on to question current dietary recommendations that are now heavily implicated in the rise in obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and a whole host of 'Western' illnesses. He tells us about his personal experience, how health professionals, doctors and nutritionists could get things so wrong for so long, why they are so resistant to change, and how we can improve our health and longevity despite this. We also chat about the last tour of the Australian Cricket Team, the players that adopted his dietary approach to lose weight and improve their performance, and why he started the Sugar By Half organisation @SugarByHalf.

Apr 3, 2017

Unsatisfying jobs, bad breath, and South East Asian delicacies.

The guys chat about Sam's new podcast venture and ponder the thought they don't fit in wherever they go.

Music from Swamp.

Mar 20, 2017

Roland Lewis is a cast member of Impromptunes - a theatre company famous for its improvised musical comedy - a husband, and father to a fifteen month old.

He enters the JBTP studios to discuss his near death experience with a staph-infected chicken stir-fry, the ups and downs of being a new parent, the influence of gender stereotypes on relationships, parenting and career, and the crazy super-impressive art form of improvised theatre. 

Music for this episode by October Wish.

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Mar 6, 2017

It's getting hot in here, and if Clint is lucky, Sam may open the window. But he'll be vigilant about spiders sneaking in, especially as Clint will be no help. 

Expect chatter about celebrity kids growing up, Clint still trying to remember where Sam is from, Clint recruiting muscle fibres, and using drugs and alcohol to numb the eternal burden of boredom.

Featuring the music of Isaac de Heer

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Feb 19, 2017

Dave McDonald is a Quantum Physicist, drummer for The Dark Ales and is about to become a Dad! We quiz him on his musical career, his hopes and fears and joyous expectations for fatherhood, and when we move on to quizzing him about the invisible mechanics of light and life and the Universe, he pretty much blows our minds. Music by The Dark Ales.

Feb 5, 2017

For the first episode in 2017, Clint and Sam their summer holidays, the state of the world, and that mysterious phenomenon that seems to happen to every man: finding porn in the great outdoors.

Music by The Woodland Hunters

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Jan 16, 2017

This is the best of the music we played on the show from 2016.

All of these bands hail from Melbourne, Australia and are doing their bit to keep this awesome city at the forefront of the music scene.

We're very chuffed to have been able to include these bands in the podcast and look forward to more in 2017.

Listen to them all or skip to your favourite...


Coctopus - The Contortionist’s Handbook


Fool - Orsome Welles


Time? Irrelevant - Foxtrot


Melbourne Bitter - Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird


Dead Beat Symphony - Who This?


Babe Crave - Something To Do With An Idiot


Doin’ Stuff - Rhys Muldoon


Foul Mouthpiece - Monkey Butler


Edges of the Day - The Dark Ales


Sinner Man - Danny Walsh Banned


Glass - Tux