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With more than just their lack of certainty in common, Sam Loy and Clint Greagen unload about the ups and downs of being stay at home parents, detail their various frailties and failures, talk back and forth on many different subjects, and then bring in experts to confuse them even further.
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Dec 18, 2016

Sam's got ageing, mortality, and our finite perception of time on his mind. So after accusing Clint of talking too much about himself, Sam opens up and proceeds to talk too much about himself.

Expect to hear musings on life-stages, not living up to the ideals we had of ourselves in our younger years, and when we'd like to die.

Featuring the song 'Glass' by Melbourne band, Tux.

Just Below Their Purpose will return in 2017 at the end of January.

Thanks for listening this year!


Dec 4, 2016

Sam is in the deep dark depths of sleep deprivation and waxes lyrical about the difficulties of adapting daughter Maeve to a new bedtime routine but all this does is make Clint wish he'd passed on his vasectomy so that he could have another baby. There's a short clip from Sam's other podcast 'Human Ordinary' which was featured on Radio National and described by Ira Glass as 'sensational'. And music from local legend Danny Walsh Banned.

Nov 20, 2016

Ben Pobjie - author, writer, comedian - enters the JBTP studio to discuss psychedelic lizards, writing about controversial subjects, how he shields himself against the wrath of the Twitterati, the shock and aftermath of his controversial Phillip Hughes Tweet, the crazy thrill people get out of socially shaming people, the male role in feminism, celebrity activism, writing openly about his personal experience with depression, why he's not a fan of RUOK? day, and his latest book 'Error Australis'. 

Nov 6, 2016

While Clint waits for his first performance as a singer, he and Sam make nuisances of themselves at The Reservoir Stomp music festival.

Featuring some of Melbourne's finest musicians and artistic talent, the guys uncover what's cool about the north, some truths about performing, and the correct way to cook an Argentinian BBQ.

Listen for interviews with Emma Peel (PBS), Danny Walsh (Danny Walsh Banned), Jules Abrahams (Mustered Courage), Talei Wolfgramm (The Wolfgramm Sisters, RockWiz), Anna Go Go (Go Go Academy), and Hernan from SeƱor BBQ.

Plus the music of Danny Walsh Banned, The Putbacks, Nu Regime, Baxter Avalon, and The Reservoir All Stars (featuring members from The Drones, Saint Jude, and our very own Clint Greagen).

Oct 26, 2016

Producer Michael Ciccone and Director Nicholas Clifford from Truce Films are currently adapting Clint's book, Reservoir Dad, into a feature length film. 

Clint and Sam welcome them to the podcast as guinea pigs for Sam's new podcast format. Guests must answer five questions about themselves before the conversation can continue on to some engaging twists and turns. 

The format is validated by the conversation. So much covered! Sam's eerie connection with actors who have appeared on Truce's ads and films, the process of adapting a book to a film, the mass production of content and it's affect on art and artists, the idea of originality in art: does it exist? The exciting ongoing developments of the film Reservoir Dad. How far along are they in the process? How did Truce settle on their script writer? Will Sam get a cameo in the movie? 

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Oct 16, 2016

Sam and Clint welcome actor, writer and musician, Rhys Muldoon (Playschool, House Husbands) onto the podcast.

Sam finally gets to talk politics and together he and Rhys agree with each other, demonise those that don't, and solve nothing. Just like politics in real life.

Clint picks Rhys' brain about the creative process and how fame can affect a life. Rhys  name-drops shamelessly and the boys are hella impressed.

Features the music of Rhys Muldoon and a special song by Papa Razzi and The Photogs.

Sep 29, 2016

Sam and Clint talk with Sex and Relationship Educator Maureen Matthews about passion in long term relationships, how sexual shame runs deep in society and ruins sex for men and women, how to flirt with others to improve your relationship, and how to make monogamy work even though humans are not monogamous by nature. In the preamble Sam admits to being an arsehole and commits to changing that fact, and Clint receives a new 'Don't Make Me Do That' challenge. Maureen Matthew's Sunday Age column, 'About Last Night' can be found in print and online and her female sensuality business can be found at

Sep 18, 2016

Sam's been off with the fairies. Clint's had a brush with the law.

And then literary agent and PhD candidate Kylie Doust comes in to chat about the state of literature and the publishing world.

Featuring royalty-free music courtesy of

Sep 3, 2016

This episode Sam and Clint are joined by sleep scientist, Rosie Joyce, from the Melbourne Sleep Disorders Centre who infuses the usual discussional riff-raff with expert information and advice on impaired sleeps cycles, treatment for insomnia, and sleep apnoea, how parents can coach themselves through the inevitable sleep deprivation that comes from having a baby or two, and how to use postage stamps to self-diagnose impotence. Keep your ears open for a few funny stories from deep inside the sleep science trenches. You'll definitely want to tell your friends about the man dubbed 'The Midnight Stallion' by his... well... appreciative wife.

Aug 18, 2016

A dodgy prawn sushi makes Sam sick. Clint doesn't want to hear about it. The guys lament having their plans foiled by an overbearing publicist. Sam tells of his ABC quiz show audition. Clint talks about exposing more of the real him through Facebook live. Plus, another Don't Make Me Do That and the music of Melbourne band Who's This?

Aug 1, 2016

Clint's back from gun-focused America with some tales to tell involving the multiple shootings that occurred and a chance meeting with a bookshop owner who's affected a subtle shift in his social/spiritual consciousness. There's some back and forth about psychedelic drugs, with both Sam and Clint committing to recording a podcast while under the influence of magic mushrooms, and insight into the way Clint's wife uses sex to make him eat giant burgers, and some great music from Melbourne band 'Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird'.

Jul 9, 2016

Clint's a bit tired of sharing all his personal stuff while Sam just sits back and laughs. So in this episode, Clint grills Sam with some questions looking at who he is, what he thinks, and some embarrassing childhood moments.

Jun 22, 2016

Clint and Sam talk about the feedback they've been getting (mostly from women) that their recent podcast was too tame, not SEXUAL enough, and so they dedicate themselves to get more real with the sex appeal, struggle with the pronunciation of labia, before moving on quickly to male on male affection.

Jun 9, 2016

Sam's trip to a protest sees he and Clint discuss fights and fighting men. Clint reports on Pocket Ninjas and there's more talk about circumcisions and foreskins. Fun for all.

May 25, 2016

By recounting his experience at a traditional Jewish ceremony called the brit - ritual circumcision of baby boys - Sam draws a surprising admission from Clint about his own experience of circumcision and his ongoing concern about another flappy bit of skin located in an entirely different region of the body. From there the conversation turns towards body image issues, relationship issues, the importance of locking in a 'leave pass' just in case you run into that certain celebrity who is also willing to have sex with you, and the need for both men to seek out some professional help.

May 18, 2016

Interviews with experts are on the horizon so Clint and Sam attempt to get to know each other better in this very first episode. They discover that they have both worked as youth support workers, are both stay at home parents (Clint with four boys under 11, Sam with a ten month old girl) and both have a passion for writing. Sam's just moved house and had a tough day with young Mave and suggests a 'Master and Apprentice' segment for the podcast but finds out that Clint had a bad day as well, despite eleven years in the 'parenting trenches'. Being as honest as they can leads to admissions of clothes horse abuse, wind phobia, childhood animal torture, insta-rages that filled their imaginations with revenge fantasies, and the moments they've had as parents where they were left reeling, and really questioning their suitability to the job.